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4G风暴来袭 它能给中国带来什么?

2022-11-19 05:07 已有人浏览
本文摘要:Forget the breathless coverage of China Mobile offering the iPhone for a moment. Yes, its huge news for Chinas biggest wireless carrier and Apple (AAPL) -- and weve heard plenty to the point. But the real game changer for China is another


Forget the breathless coverage of China Mobile offering the iPhone for a moment. Yes, its huge news for Chinas biggest wireless carrier and Apple (AAPL) -- and weve heard plenty to the point. But the real game changer for China is another mobile milestone thats nearly as imminent: the rollout of the faster wireless network standard 4G.中国移动(China Mobile)将要公布iPhone的消息铺天盖地,让人痛不过气来。诚然,对于世界仅次于的运营商中国移动和苹果公司(Apple)而言,这意味著称得上上是大新闻,惜大家早已听腻了。

近来对于中国移动通信界确实的里程碑事件是——4G网络牌照将要公布。People elsewhere in the world take 4G for granted. I should know -- I once did. After 4G came to New York, my smartphone became faster than my PC. I watched Netflix (NFLX) on my iPhone. Google Maps (GOOG) search was instantaneous. Newspapers downloaded in seconds.其它国家的手机用户对4G网络早已习以为常。我以前就是这其中的一员。

纽约覆盖面积上4G网络之后,我找到智能手机的网际网路速度居然比PC机要慢了。我可以在iPhone上观赏Netflix视频;谷歌地图(Google Maps)的搜寻速度可谓动态;而iTunes一份报纸只必须几秒钟。Not so in China. Here, 3G still rules. I moved to Beijing this year, and the downgrade from 4G to 3G was brutal. The same apps werent the same. Google Maps? Acceptable, but not great. Apple Newsstand: painfully slow. Yahoo Fantasy Football (YHOO) ... well, just dont wait to set your rosters.但在中国,大行其道的仍是3G。


谷歌地图?反应勉强能拒绝接受。苹果报刊杂志应用于?速度非常悲剧。至于雅虎(Yahoo)梦幻足球游戏,就这速度还想要排兵布阵?The 4G rollout in China has progressed in fits and stops. China Mobile (CHL) announced in 2012 that it would upgrade its systems to TD-LTE, a 4G standard, only to be rebuffed by government officials who worried the technology was not mature enough for the market. Delays ensued. 4G was wait-listed until now.4G在中国堪称一波三折。

中国移动早在2012年就宣告将升级至TD-LTE 4G网络。但由于监管部门指出当时的4G技术过于成熟期,无法推向市场,中国移动不得已不了了之。这一拖就停放在了现在。

Last week, China took the official step of granting 4G licenses to the three big state-owned carriers, China Mobile, a giant among giants with 60% of Chinas mobile market, China Unicom (CHU), second-largest with little over 20% share, and No. 3 China Telecom (CHA). The 4G switch is flipped on Dec. 18, when big cities will fire up the new network. (In a nod to the potential 4G offers, the Party has turned supportive. Theres little talk from carriers about the cost of licenses from the government, compared to the Western world where carriers spend tens of billions on new spectrum.)上周,中国工信部月向三大国有运营商——中国移动(中国移动通信市场上的大哥,大约占有60%的市场份额)、中国联通(China Unicom,大约占到20%的市场份额)和中国电信(China Telecom)派发4G牌照。4G网络月运营时间以定在12月18日,预计一些有条件的大城市可开始转换网络。


)Insiders say by mid-2014, the country should be far along in adopting 4G. I met one of those insiders last night at a press event for Huawei, the Chinese maker of telecom equipment that is now competing in smartphones and tablets. (Hence, the press mixer. The company previously had little need for reporters because of its business-to-business focus.)业内人士回应,到2014年年中,中国4G网络的普及将获得相当大进展。我上周四晚上在华为(Huawei)开会的新闻发布会上就见过一位这样的知情人士。


)Qiu Heng is TDD Network Vice President at Huawei, part of the companys 4G team. I asked Heng whats been the most difficult part of Chinas 4G rollout, seeing as its coming three years after 4G was adopted in the U.S. and Japan. He thinks about it for a moment. There has been no difficulty, he says. This sounds improbable, and it is.华为TDD产品线副总裁邱恒是华为4G团队的一员。鉴于中国使用4G网络比美国和日本晚了三年,我回答邱恒在中国部署4G网络的过程中,仅次于的难题是什么。他想要了想要,说道:“没遇上什么艰难。

”这话无非令人难以置信。But its true that Huawei has worked out the 4G kinks in its equipment in Japan. The 4G release in China, now that its been officially sanctioned, should be smooth, despite the massive numbers involved. China Mobile, for instance, needs to upgrade more than 200,000 base stations. (Heng points out the U.S. and Japan combined have 150,000 stations.) Software upgrades and minor hardware modifications to existing stations are enough to support 4G using Huaweis technology. Reports put China Mobiles cost of station upgrades at $3 billion.不过,华为在日本显然顺利发售了4G设备。既然4G网络在中国早已月获批,那么尽管牵涉到的基站数目可观,4G网络的发售依然应该十分成功。


报导称之为,中国移动的基站升级成本大约为30亿美元。This is a game changer, Heng says. For the first time Chinese consumers will be able to consistently watch video on their phones. Mobile shopping, already popular, should grow faster with faster speeds. Media, entertainment, and other commerce should all experience a new era in China.邱恒称之为4G网络的普及将带给颠覆性的影响。


媒体、娱乐以及中国的其他行业都将转入一个新的时代。Bigger than the iPhone release, I ask Heng? He nods his head yes.我回答邱恒,4G网络是不是比中国移动开卖苹果iPhone的意义还要根本性?他低头回应赞成。



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